Dutch Soccer Youth Cup

R&T Tours are proud to link in with some of the biggest and best football tournaments across Europe!
Your team can be represented at a Premium Tournament, amongst hundreds of teams from up to 11 different countries.  So if you want your tournament experience to be extra special - read on.

In 2018 there were 184 teams from 11 different countries, England, Scotland, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Slovenia, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands.

Tournament Venue: This tournament will be held at 4 different sports facilities around Rotterdam with a total of 16 soccer fields (grass and artificial).


Age Groups: The tournament is open to teams in the following age groups:  Each team can have only 3 players that are 1 year older than there group age look at the ages because its different than the UK.


U8 born 2012 (7 v 7)
U9 born 2011 (7 v 7)
U10 born 2010 (7 v 7)
U11 born 2009 (7 v 7)
U12 born 2008 (8 v 8)
U13 born 2007 (11 v 11)
U14 born 2006 (11 v 11) 4 places left
U15 born 2005 (11 v 11)
U16 born 2004 (11 v 11) Full

U8 – U9 – U10 – U11 – U12  Half pitch 1x 20 minutes

U13 – U14 – U15 – U16 normal pitch 1 x 25 minutes

All teams will play a minium of 6 games spread over Saturday and Sunday.

Trophy ‘s for the first three places

Each participating player will receive a memento of the tournament.

The matches are led by KNVB referees.

Accommodation for the Dutch Soccer Youth Cup is at the excellent Center Parcs Holland, or for up to U12s the fun of Duinrell Holiday Park. 
All have comfortable holiday homes with lots to do around the park, including indoor waterfun parks.