The Hasselt Cup

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Held at two beautiful sports parks just a few kilometres from the bustling city of Hasselt, during Easter weekend and with around 150 teams from 7 countries around Europe, the Hasselt Cup really is a popular well organised competition.

Date:   Easter Weekend 11th & 12th April 2020

Age Groups:   Boys U9 to U18

Entrance fee:  For 1 team is included. Each additional team £180

Host Country:  Belgium

Organiser:  The Hasselt Cup is organised by RC Hades, Zonhoven United.

Sports Grounds:  The Hasselt Cup event is held in Hasselt-Kiewit and nearby Zonhoven, four kilometres from the centre of Hasselt. Both sports grounds offer six pitches, a spacious canteen/clubhouse and a cosy terrace. The Hasselt-Kiewit location will also feature a large hospitality tent during the event.

Saturday Morning:  Start of the match programme.  The tournament will be held in the north of Hasselt at two beautiful sports parks in Kiewit and nearby Zonhoven. The matches will be officiated by referees from the Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB).
Sunday Daytime: Continuation of the match programme. Qualification matches and finals followed by prize-giving ceremony at the sports parks. followed by a UEFA Respect ceremony.  At the UEFA Respect ceremony every participant receives a medal on the podium.

Participating Countries: 
Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, England, Switzerland
 Belgium  Denmark France Germany  Netherlands England Switzerland

Things to do:  Why not arrange a visit to Action Park Kiewit? You will have three hours to tackle four activities. You can choose from, among other things, a rope track, water trail, climbing wall and BMX slope.  Or if you want to relax more, shop, visit the Hasselt Fashion Museum, or the Japanese Garden, or simply browse the street art - here are over sixty façades covered in irresistible street art.